Reality: The universal fabric of our existence. Our shared creation and our growing comprehension of it physically, emotionally, cognitively, and metaphysically.  Illusion: The mystery of the ineffable paradoxes of life or the manipulation of liars who seek to control people through hidden agendas.

At Mosaic we choose to engage reality.  Life offers plenty of opportunities to hide, to avoid or to run from the painful and challenging moments. And that maybe the easier path.  When it appears there may be no answers to our dilemmas, we believe it is better to address the reality rather than to ignore it and hope that it somehow gets “fixed” by itself, magically disappears, or that we win the lotto.

In the current economic state, many people have had a difficult time with their finances, choosing not to deal with adversity.  In this approach they often find themselves in a worse position after late fees, bounced check fees, utilities turned off, etc., which can put them hundreds of dollars further in the hole than where they started.  As a community we have chosen to enter the messiness of money as well as other areas of life which have been considered sacred and untouchable such as politics and sexuality.

And although we do not wish to be edgy or provocative for the shock value, we wish to confront and embrace the realities of this world as an opportunity to develop and deepen our faith and the hope it offers.

Even though many times it would be easier to steer clear of tough issues that face us, we cannot continue on a path of blissful ignorance, assuming that the outcome will be something we can live with or will settle for.  We won’t hide behind veils of protection surrendering our ability to influence our neighbors and our world.  We will not settle for life as it is.  We will be more than we are.  We walk forward in faith to claim the Kingdom of God and to reclaim and refashion the reality of this world.