Leadership Roles

At Mosaic, we believe that together is better than alone. Proverbs 15:22 says,

“Without consultation, plans are frustrated,

But with many counselors they succeed.”

We believe that a plurality of overseers, a biblical eldership, has the best chance of providing both balance and direction, a context in which the counsel of many can be focused on discerning, communicating, and implementing God’s will for Mosaic Fort Worth.

  •  All Mosaic elders, paid and unpaid, are expected engage in the following:
  •  regular participation in mosaic worship assemblies
  • regular participation in personal accountability groups
  • regular participation in elders’ working meetings
  • regular participation in some manifestation of community within mosaic
  • actively discerning, communicating, and implementing God’s:
    • vision
    • values
    • philosophy of ministry
    • order
    • governance
    • over-all direction for mosaic


Geoffrey Bray

Derrick Varnell

Holly Anderson