Is Mosaic right for me?

Begin by asking yourself some core questions:

  • Do I want a relationship with God, or am I interested in exploring it as a possibility in answering the question “what is the meaning of life”?
  • Do I want a church that is prepared to offer me authentic community, even if I show them the most broken, ugly, and rebellious places in my life?
  • Do I need mentors to help me on my spiritual journey, and am I ready to follow them as they model Christianity to me?
  • Am I deeply interested in God’s perspective on how to live life?
  • If I assume he exists, is there a good chance that he has some positive recommendations on how to live within the reality he designed?
  • Do I want to believe that Christianity is a Party, and not a somber funeral procession of zombies living in a religious coma?
  • Do I enjoy creativity in literature, art, drama, food, music, and storytelling?
  • Do I hunger to be deeply loved unconditionally by a community of patient and courageous friends who are seeking to bring out the very best in me?
  • Do I want to sit in somebody’s home, eat dinner, watch a movie like Dogma, talk about how God is trying to have a relationship with me, share vulnerabilities, laugh and pray together, and go home feeling alive, loved, and inspired?

If this is where you are you’ll probably fit into our family.